Drug & Alcohol Testing 
Most cases start with our drug and alcohol testing service. Our Sample Collectors will obtain forensic samples of hair, saliva or urine, then we’ll work with Laboratories to determine possible drug or alcohol misuse. The choice of test will be dependent on the results you are hoping to obtain.  For example a 3cm hair sample will give you an average history of approximately 3 months drug use or abstinence. 
Urine Testing will give you a history of 1-4 days. Generally in family law cases hair would be used in the analysis for Drugs and Alcohol. In the UK, we work with a laboratory Fully Accredited to European Standards. This gives us the opportunity to offer you the highest possible service and quality available. 
Rapid Sample Collections Service 
Speeding up the process is not only more convenient but also critical to the outcome of some  
cases, such as an employment tribunal or when dealing with proceedings for child custody. If your firm/company requires a collection within 30-60 minutes* please call 07921186598 or if you fail to connect, Email “Rapid” with your contact details to info@thequayaddictionservices.co.uk and we will call you back within 20 minutes to arrange your request. 
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